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Registration of Change of Ownership

Find out how to register your car after purchase...

Both the buyer and the seller of a car must inform the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) of the change in ownership. This must take place within seven days of the sale of the car.

The buyer of a car must obtain the car's certificate of registration from the seller and fill in their details. Once completed, the form should be taken to a New Zealand Transport Agency licensing agent.

To complete the change of ownership, provide the licensing agent with proof of identification and the completed registration form. The identification provided must confirm name and date of birth and include a signature. The document must be original; a certified copy is not accepted. Suitable forms of identification include:

  • A New Zealand or overseas photo driving licence
  • A New Zealand or overseas passport
  • A full birth certificate, together with a credit card to provide a signature

Once the change of ownership fee has been paid the licensing agent provides the buyer with a transfer receipt, and the vehicle's registration and owner details are recorded in the Motor Vehicle Register. Some sellers may wish to see the transfer receipt as proof that the car registration has been changed before giving the buyer the keys to a vehicle.

The seller of a car needs to enter the buyer's details in the lower tear-off section of the car's registration certificate. They should send the completed form to the New Zealand Transport Agency Registry Centre.

  • For contact details for the New Zealand Transport Agency Registry Centre: Click here

The remainder of the registration certificate should be given to the buyer of the car. If the registration certificate has been lost, a "Notice by person selling/disposing of motor vehicle" form (form MR13A) can be completed instead. This form can be obtained from a licensing agent.

Change of ownership of a car can also be carried out online on the New Zealand Transport Agency website.

Licensing a Vehicle

All vehicles must be licenced, in general on an annual basis. Fees paid for licencing a vehicle are used for road maintenance and road safety projects. Renewal notices for licences are sent by post to the owner of the vehicle, at the address recorded in the Vehicle Motor Register.

Licence fees can be paid online on the New Zealand Transport Agency website or at one of the licensing agents.

A licence label is issued and must be stuck on the bottom left-hand side of the windscreen of the vehicle.

  • For comprehensive information from the New Zealand Transport Agency on licencing a vehicle: Click here

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